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Revenue recovery:

TAMS proven experience in re-marketing and surplus management enable us to identify the best sales channels for your surplus items. Over the last 12 years TAMS has developed a broad network of sales outlets that directly benefit you.

We specialize in unique and difficult projects. Our long list of impressive customers benefit greatly from the one stop convenience that we offer. TAMS deals in items ranging from full data center relocations or removal, to the single laptop that is offered to an employee for sale. Large or small, high or low value, TAMS treats all of your items with professionalism and integrity.


TAMS has a detailed inventory management system. Each asset that you entrust to TAMS for recycling and or refurbishing is tracked all the way through the process. Using barcode technology and refined work-flow processes, TAMS will identify the status of your assets in a detailed report each month.

           CERTIFICATE OF DESTRUCTION: Based on your reporting needs, TAMS will generate a certificate of destruction for your organization. Either by weight or by captured serial number, TAMS will certify that the destruction of your asset occurred, and that it was done in compliance with the highest environmental standards and compliance

           MONTHLY FINANCIAL RECONCILIATION: Detail accounting of the sale of each item is provided for our customers on a monthly basis. You will know exactly how much your items have sold for and how much you will receive from the sale of that item.

Data Destruction:

If you chose to use TAMS for no other reason than the secure destruction of your important and valuable intellectual property, you will have chosen wisely. No other area receives as much attention or investment at TAMS than the security of our customers data. TAMS employs two methods of hard drive data destruction:

           DATA ERASURE: Using BLANCCO in our hard drive erasure banks, we can tell you the specific outcome of the erasure process. Data erasure at the DOD level for each of the drives provides our customers with the peace of mind that the data on drives cleaned by TAMS is 100% erased.

           HARD  DRIVE SHREDDING: If you have the opportunity to visit our facility in Lindon,  you should insist on witnessing the hard drive shredding process. Our industrial shredder chews through hard drives at a rate of 12 hard drives every minute. The resulting chunks of metal are then sent to the refinery for metal recycling. If hard drive shredding is your preference, TAMS is your solution.

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