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What does TAMS stand for?

From our earliest days in the recycling and recovery business, we wanted our customers to have access to our services for all their surplus needs. The name that we thought would best encapsulate our services was “Total Asset Management Solutions”. Realizing that this name was a mouthful, and difficult to fit on signs and business cards, we started using the acronym TAMS.

While we have shortened our name, we have taken no shortcuts in serving our customers. TAMS is a world leading provider of recycling, liquidation, refurbishing, and reselling services for all of our customers’ surplus assets.

Founded in 2003, TAMS has a proven track record of flawless performance of our primary objectives. TAMS is dedicated to three fundamental needs of our customers:

DATA SECURITY. Everything we do is focused on safeguarding our clients’ data. Whether it is the highly trained pick-up crew, the secure trucks, the 24 hour monitoring of our facility, the background checks, or the cleaning and shredding tools employed at our facility, everything is designed to ensure our customers’ information remains protected.


ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY. The TAMS approach to environmentally responsible disposal of electronic assets has always gone above and beyond legal requirements. All of the components we process for our customers serve a useful purpose, either as a refurbished working item, or torn down into base elements for use in the construction of new products.


REVENUE. Revenue is not a subject most IT professionals are used to hearing about or dealing with. Luckily TAMS can help navigate the revenue process. TAMS does everything possible to sell your useful assets. Every item we receive from our customers undergoes an extensive evaluation, testing, cleaning and remarketing effort. This unique approach has resulted in nearly all of our customers receiving revenue checks each month. This revenue allows TAMS to provide world class DATA SECURITY and ENVIRONMENTAL COMPLIANCE for our list of impressive clients at minimal to no cost.

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