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    Recover the highest return for your assets, securely and responsibly.

Why Choose TAMS?

We're Qualified

Not all recyclers are created equal. Only the industry best are certified and qualified to safely recycle your surplus.

We Come to You

We make it easy to work with us. After your quote is received we’ll arrange for pickup of your surplus to recycle.

We Pay More

We pay more than our competition. Helping you recover more value out of your assets is important to us.

Peace of Mind

Data Security is most important. Your data will be treated with care and securely destroyed in house.

How it Works

1. Identify electronic surplus

Before recycling, securely store your items. If they’ve been in the company storage room for years, it’s probably time to take action.

2. Select a qualified recycler

Even if you don’t choose TAMS, make sure that your recycler is qualified. Are they insured? Do they have a history?

3. Call for pick-up

A TAMS representative will gladly work with you to accommodate your schedule. Call today 801.796.1696.

4. Get transparent reports

Once an item sells, TAMS will email a report detailing how much the item sold for, whether or not it was disposed of, and where it ended up.

5. Verify destruction

Look at the fine print. Verify the validity of the certificate of destruction. TAMS certificate of destruction includes either the serial number or correct weight of the recycled items.

6. Collect revenue

Look like a hero to your company or organization when you collect the revenue from the sales proceeds.

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